The Best of the Best

Willow Oaks Plantation is proud to present the first inaugural Tournament of Champions to be held November 14 - 17, 2013! The intent of this event is to bring all of the best dogs and competitors to one location and vie for the title “Champion of Champions”! To qualify for this event, your dog has to have a Champion title in any field trial/hunt test/bird hunting organization. However, since this is the first year of this event we will accept any dog on a first come first serve basis!

This event is destined to be a huge success with competitors from seven different States already committed to this tournament. We also have competitors who have won a combined 16 National Championships already planning on attending!

The format is as follows: A hunter and his dog will be sequestered while three game birds are planted in a designated field. Once the birds are planted the hunter and his dog will proceed to the starting gate in their designated field. When the hunter releases his/her dog into the field, the clock will start. Once the run begins, the hunter and dog have fifteen minutes to find and harvest three game birds. The quicker the birds are harvested, the higher the score. The hunter is also penalized for missed shots, which makes this sport unique in that the hunter and dog must work as a team and both do their part!

The different stakes in this event:

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